Thursday, October 20, 2016

Technology Integrator's Forum South Returns!

On October 19th, TIF South brought back educators from around Western New York to share their great ideas and new tech tools.

We started our day with a discussion based around the recent TED Talk from Salman Khan about Mastery Learning in in the 21st Century.

There was a lot of great dialogue and I think most people were in agreement with the possibilities that Salman Khan advocated for, but not sure if American Education will embrace the change in any sort of dramatic fashion.  Good food for thought for any education circle!

We then transitioned into our first ever "Open Mic" session whereby educators get to share their favorite idea of tech tool.  We used the "Teach Meet" Concept that I discovered at the ISTE 2016 Conference and found teachers willing to share easily.  We took this concept into the afternoon because we had such fantastic sharing!

You can get your own copy of our notes and resources linked HERE

Rob Miller sharing his expertise about Genius Hour

TIF Members intently listening to Open Mic Sessions

Our Afternoon session was meant to have a theme based on Halloween, so we chose the notion of Edtech "Nightmares"  and how to fix them.  The session was free wheeling and fun, but sadly we didn't take lots of notes.   However, it did spur an idea, of for future discussion, such as "Ask the Edtech Experts"session of TIF for the future.

We finished our session with a Quizizz Quiz for the participants to test their knowledge of the topics we discussed.

Special thanks to Kim Powell, who brought some homemade cookies and some Pumpkin Muffins.   Scrumptious!  Jason Hammond brought some delicious Delicous Apples and locally produced Apple Cider!   

It was a fantastic day and we are looking forward to our session on November 16th, 2016 .  We are hoping to have some SUNY Fredonia students talk about their Edtech uses and ideas.  

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