Friday, February 2, 2018

TIF January 2018 - Let the EdTech Games Begin

The coffee brewed, treats baked, stage set, the edtech-letes (A.K.A. Western New York educators who love the meaningful integration of technology in the classroom) warmed up.

Olympic snacks compliments of Dr. Darlynda Miktuk

The TIF EdTech Olympics Day at the South Region Forum is in the books. The goal of these sessions is always to connect, share, learn and reflect. At this forum, the goal was reached!

Opening Ceremonies and Warm-Up:
The day started with some humor through the following video. My takeaway from this is that we all play an important role in the "band." Also, technology can be a distraction to someone of any age. Stay focused!

All educator participants were assigned a number. Their number matched a Google Slide in a collaborative template where they would share details from a favorite app, website, or resource. In an effort to build personal learning networks, educators would also share their professional websites and social media contacts.

The following qualified for the TIF EdTech Oympics: shared by Karen Kondrick shared by Melanie Kitchen shared by Michael Drezek shared by Jen Mikula shared by Justina Young shared by Nicole Holler shared by Mark Drollinger shared by Michelle Krieger shared by Ed Bugenhagen & shared by Candace Phillips
Classroom Split Extension (from Alice Keeler) shared by Joanne Lotter shared by Amanda Pacanowski shared by Valerie Andryshak (guest pre-service teacher) shared by Patricia Lundquist shared by Shaun Laska shared by Jason Hammond shared by Elizabeth Schanbacher
PhET Simulations shared by Tom Stokes shared by Taylore Flegal shared by Mark Putney

This breakout session split the group into five teams (one per Olympic ring) of four educators. From here teams discussed integrations of their resource of choice and judged two of their four to advance to this semi-final round. Those making the cut would get the stage for a 5-minute lightning presentation with hopes of advancing to the finals! The following advanced to the Top Ten!

Jake Miller Website, Padlet, Go Bubble, Sway, Photo Funia, Front Row, Canva, Chore Wars, QB Buzzer, Google Expeditions/Air Pano

After an intense round of fabulous presentations, educators took some time to experience some of the resources shared in a hands-on session before casting their votes for the finals. The following advanced to the Top Five!

Jake Miller Website, Go Bubble, Photo Funia, Front Row, QB Buzzer

Medal Ceremony:
In true TIF fashion, the medals were 3D Printed! Alas, the bronze, silver and gold medals were ready for the taking. The quest for gold was intense and the room was filled with anticipation as winners would soon be announced.

3D Printed Medals by Falconer CSD's Jen Mikula

The final votes were submitted, tallied and the medals were awarded as follows:
Bronze (tie) - Jake Miller Website & Go Bubble
Silver - Front Row Education
Gold - Photo Funia

TIF EdTech Olympics Medal Winners

The Gold Medal winner, Nicole Holler of Orchard Park CSD celebrating
within an image created within the Photo Funia app

Don't miss the next Technology Integrator's Forums coming in March and May, 2018!
TIF Talks - TED Talk Style Event at Forrestville High School, March 21, 2018
TIFCon18 - Edcamp Style Unconference at Fredonia College Science Center, May 24, 2018

Wednesday, January 10, 2018

TIF December- Showcase Showdown and the Christmas Miracle

We had a very special December meeting with lots of sharing and learning! (and great snacks!)
Our monthly theme was Showcase Showdown.  We had 5 Schools showcase the amazing and trendsetting edtech projects that were being integrated into their schools.

Also we got a "Christmas Miracle" when the Indefatigible Eric Curts stopped by for lunch and shared with us his 12 Days of Techmas List.

Also we put together a Padlet from our Meeting so you can connect with these amazing educators.
Wall of Fame

As always we had a great day!  Below are the presenters and the materials they shared.

Our presenters and their materials:

Michelle Krieger:  Holland Technology Integrator
Presentation: HERE

Nicole Holler  and Mark Drollinger:  Orchard Park Technology Integrators
Tech Integration Website:  HERE
Tech Integration Monthly Newsletter January:  HERE

Candy Phillps:  Gowanda Technology Integrator
Presentation:  HERE

Mike Drezek:  Lake Shore Technology Integrator
Presentation:  HERE

Shaun Laska:  Frewsburg Technology Integrator
Presentation: HERE

Want to join in on the fun?  Registration Links
Google Plus Community:  HERE
Want Updates?:  HERE

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

November TIF South

We had an outstanding day of Learning and Sharing at TIF!

As a matter of fact it was a Cornucopia of New Ideas.

Our November meeting began with Sheila Cannon and Andy Wheelock talking about Sketchnotes.  Haven't heard of Sketchnotes?  Here is a quick video explaining the concept and the research behind them.

Sheila brought pens, sketchbooks, and amazing energy to our group!

Shared Resources for the Day:

Sketchnoting/ Visual Notetaking Presentation:  HERE

Cornucopia of Ideas:  HERE

Our Next Meeting

The Following Schools will be showcasing their Edtech Prowess!

  • Michelle Krieger Holland
  • Mark Drollinger Orchard Park
  • Candy Phillips Gowanda
  • Shaun Frewsburg
  • Mike D, Sue Lake Shore
NYSCATE Sharing Session!

Friday, September 29, 2017

TIF South Returns

Our first TIF of the season began on a hot September day, but we cooled off by showcasing amazing tech tips and tricks from Melanie Kitchen and Andy Wheelock.  They showcased their crowd-sourced presentation, How to be a Tech Rebel in Your School in 10 Easy Steps.

Their presentation resources can be found on this Google Doc:  TECHREBEL
We also had newly minted Technology Integrator Shaun Laska, showcase Frewsburg Central’s fantastic school video.

We will be looking for volunteers for upcoming presentations.  
  1. In December we would like to have schools do some “School Showcase” presentations.  The format is your choice, but we are looking for teacher/student testimonials about the great stuff your district is doing along the edtech spectrum.
  2. TIF Talks 2018-  We are looking for 2-3 educators willing to share their ideas in a TED Talk style event.   18 minute, thought provoking presentations.
Please let me know if you’re interested in presenting!

Upcoming events to be aware of:

Theme:  A Cornucopia of Great Ideas:  Come with an idea to share in 2, 7, or 20 minute presentations.  

Monday, September 18, 2017

TIF 2017 Coming Soon!

The 2017-18 School Year is under way and its time to shake off the summer blues and learn about Edtech!  Hope you can join us for Technology Integrator's Forum! on September 26th, 2017 from 9AM-2:30 PM

Here is the Agenda for our first meeting of the year:
9-9:30am - News, Notes, and Snacks (provided by Michelle K., Joanne L.)
9:30-11:30am - Steps 1-5 Being a Tech Savvy (Tech Rebel)
11:30am-12:30pm - Lunch on your own
12:30-2:15pm - Steps 6-10 Being a Tech Savvy Teacher (Tech Rebel)
2:15-2:30pm Fabulous Prizes Remind people for volunteers for Showcase and TIF Talks
  • Closing Announcements
    • Recruiting for Showcase and TIF Talks

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

TIF South Dates for Next Year

Hi Everyone,

Hopefully, everyone is enjoying their summer, with a casual eye towards next school year.  As you start planning your school year, I want to welcome all of you to join us for TIF South for the 2017-18.  We will once again have an amazing slate of presentations, sharing sessions, and TIF Talks. 

To help you stay connected, please join our Google Plus Communities (TIF North and South), our Remind Notification System, and the TIF South List Serv.

Otherwise, below are our Registration Links and Dates.

See you at TIF South!


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Monday, June 5, 2017

A Great Day for TIF Talks

We had a spectacular day of high powered presentations that made us think, as well as, generated new ideas.

Here are the presentation in order of appearance.

Angela May-Brain-Based Teaching in the 21st Century

Mark Putney:  "It's not IF... it's WHEN"

Kathy Gradel- "Keep Calm, and Curate On"

Robin Sullivan: "Shifting Time, Space, Things and Learning"

Jason Hammond:  "Engaging Gameplay Builds Academic Success"